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Foothills MTB Challenge


The Foothills MTB Challenge, a preeminent mountain biking race in India, stands as a testament to AdvenThrill's organizational prowess, with the event being held annually in the memory of the late and promising rider, Master Tanishk. This rigorous competition, set against the stunning backdrop of the Himalayan foothills, draws in participants from across the nation, cementing its place as a hallmark event in the Indian mountain biking scene.

The challenging course includes steep climbs, technical descents, and rugged terrain, providing a thrilling experience for riders of all skill levels. The race features multiple categories, including Elite, Open, Women's, and Junior categories, allowing riders of all ages and abilities to participate.

In addition to the race, the event also includes workshops, training sessions, and other activities aimed at promoting the sport of mountain biking in India. The race has gained a reputation as one of the most prestigious mountain biking events in the country, attracting top riders from all over India and beyond makes it biggest mtb race in India.

Through the Foothills MTB Challenge, AdvenThrill honors the memory of Late Master Tanishk and his love for the sport of mountain biking, while also inspiring a new generation of riders to take up the sport and pursue their passion for adventure and challenge.



AdvenThrill is a renowned outdoor adventure company that has been promoting MTB (Mountain Biking) across India for many years. Their mission is to provide MTB enthusiasts with the ultimate adventure experience in some of the world's most extreme mountain ranges, including the majestic Himalayas.

AdvenThrill is dedicated to providing the highest quality MTB expeditions, designed to challenge and inspire their customers. They offer a range of trips, from beginner to advanced level, so that everyone can experience the thrill of mountain biking in some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth.

At AdvenThrill, they place a strong emphasis on promoting sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship. They believe that it is their responsibility to preserve and protect the natural beauty of the places they visit, and they encourage their customers to do the same.

Their MTB expeditions are designed to take riders on a journey through some of the most rugged and remote landscapes in the world. They offer a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of mountain biking in a truly wild and unspoiled environment.

AdvenThrill's team of experienced and passionate guides are dedicated to ensuring that each customer has a safe and unforgettable experience. They are experts in their field and have a deep knowledge of the local terrain and culture, providing a rich and immersive experience for riders.

AdvenThrill is a premier provider of MTB expeditions, and their commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship sets them apart from other outdoor adventure companies. Whether you are a seasoned rider or just starting out, an MTB expedition with AdvenThrill is sure to be an unforgettable adventure that you will remember for years to come.